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molly + brandon

Okay– back from Camp and finally able to post some photos from Molly and Brandon’s wedding here in Bellingham. And yes, I did just happen upon that cool red couch on the beach while driving to the wedding. Perfect for this totally fun, spirited, creative and beautiful couple. And I had to take them to my favorite blue door and shutters nearby…
I am going to post more food photos than I usually do because M and B chose my favorite caterers and good friends, Ciao Thyme. Molly and Brandon are 2 major foodies [be sure to check out Molly's fabulous and famous food inspired blog- Orangette] so I am sure they won’t mind re-living the gorgeous feast they had at their wedding. I am still thinking about the caviar-herb dolloped, deviled, banton chicken eggs– whoa.

So here are just a few. I had such a hard time choosing… Thanks Molly and Brandon for being so fun and for putting up with my crazy ideas.












a little fingerling potato crisp snack before the ceremony.






squash blossoms…






Greg - Ridiculously good photos… Well done indeed

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mindy - Those are beautiful! The red couch is the most magnificent wedding photo I have ever seen. Beautiful!

MIchèle - Jessica- I shot this wedding with my Nikon D200 and mostly prime lenses. I also shoot with a Canon 5D. Thanks for all of your kind words everyone! I did have GREAT subjects!

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Jessica - Wow! I am stunned by your photography – how beautiful! The color, the light! Please tell… what kind of camera do you shoot with?

Best – Jessica

jenn - WOW! Your photography is inspiring. I hope you are in crazy, high demand because your talent warrants it. The light is just amazing.
Linked to you from Molly’s blog – and it makes me wish I lived in the NW where I could take advantage of you and Ciao Thyme, and the scenery, and, and, and…

Jennifer Dery - As a fellow photographer AND foodie, I just wanted to say kudos! That red couch was bloody brilliant!

renee erickson - Your photos are wonderful.
I was at the wedding and you did a supurb job capturing the romance and love that
was present that evening.


Lydia - I read Orangette and love, love, the pic of Molly and Branding dancing amongst the clouds. Great shot!

Sara - Your pictures are incredible. You have made a wedding into art.


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Off to Camp

Mark, Daphne and I are spending our yearly week at Camp Side by Side photographing kids and families and having way to much fun. SxS is a week long camp for families who are struggling through having a child with cancer. The camp is designed to give everyone a great time and a major break– from spa treatments for mom, a carnival and watersliding and a whole lot of craziness for the kids to a Tully’s coffee cart for all (my husband claims he has a spread sheet of his weekly coffee beverages all lined out– thanks Tully’s!) So far we have spent two very full days including a crazy talent show, pep-rally, evening of total pandemonium and fun last night. Here are just a few shots from the last days.





Daphne with her first Tully’s beverage…









Della - misha, these are amazing and so great your family can be a part of it. looks like alot of fun!

erin kate - those kids look like they’re having a great time!

daphne is darling!

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